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Kingston Industrial Agencies is the foremost name in the supply of construction, agricultural, and industrial equipment in Jamaica for over 50 years. KIA represents exclusively over 20 companies who manufacture products of the highest quality and are in fact leaders in their respective fields.
Through our offices at 583 Spanish Town Road, Kingston and Great George Street, Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland, along with our traveling Sales and Service team, we cover all areas of industry on the island of Jamaica.

During the 54 years of existence the company has grown steadily to a position of leadership in the distribution of its core products. Today we are virtually the only company left in Jamaica offering such a vast array of equipment to industry.
The make-up of our staff has been broadened by the addition of individuals with special skills to handle technical products. Our head office comprises 45 individuals including many technical specialists.

Effective Sales and Distribution are sought for products through a cadre of seasoned sales executives who travel the entire island. We believe that to be completely successful, product penetration must be made in all sectors of the economy. Travel schedule includes visits to the small farmers as well as to large manufacturing entities. Because we represent a complete range of manufacturers which are leaders in their fields we can choose the most desirable products to meet our customers' needs.

No less important than the traveling and promotion by our sales team, is the atention given to our customers' orders, inquiries and problems. We believe that all orders should be treated with the most possible effort, irrespective of size or value. Due to the special requirements of each customer, and to ensure prompt communication with our customers/manufacturers/principals, we maintain a highly responsive marketing service department. In addition to the marketing service, we have staff that can handle -- very efficiently -- the special formalities in financing, import documentation, shipping, and servicing our customers' most varied needs.

Through our company's many years of business, our financial resources have kept pace with our expanding sales volume. This has been accomplished by planned financial growth and reinvestment of earnings. The results are that we have accumulated sufficient financial strength to support the cost of an active marketing and sales organization. In addition, we have the financial expertise and experience in all areas of economic life on the island of Jamaica, granting extended terms where required on large transactions. All of these factors are sometimes necessary to obtain the maximum sales from specific sectors.

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